Stephen Hawking would love to play a Bond villian

World-famous physicist and author Professor Stephen Hawking told interviewers at Wired that he would love to play a Bond villian.

My idea role would be a baddie in a James Bond film. I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part.”

Think about that. Just take a minute and think about how fantastic that would be.

…Done? Alright. Good.

Moving on. Professor Hawking, 72, is often on our screens. He has been played by others is dramatisations of his life; notably, Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC television film Hawking, and Eddie Redmayne in the widely praised The Theory of Everything, which documented his relationship with his first wife Jane Wilde Hawking, his success in physics, and his diagnosis with and development of motor neurone disease.

However, Hawking has played himself alongside other famous scientists in an episode of Star Trek TNG and The Big Bang Theory, appeared in Monty Python singing the ‘Galaxy Song’, and has featured in episodes of the Simpsons and Futurama, in addition to producing a large number of documentaries about his lifetime of groundbreaking work in the fields of theoretically physics and cosmology.

His being a Bond villain would be both wonderful representation, and mind-bogglingly cool besides – Hawking has dedicated much of his life to increasing the accessibility of, and attempting to increase public interest in, the sciences. In the interview, Hawking spoke about his love of communicating with the world, and his ‘trademark’ American accented synthesised voice.

I enjoy communicating science. It is important that the public understands basic science, if they are not to leave vital decisions to others.”

The full interview will be available in the January issue of Wired, to be published this week, however this interview came about just hours before it was announced that the title and cast of the upcoming 24th James Bond film will be announced this Thursday (4th December) in a live event. I wrote the announcement of this announcement up earlier today for The Edge. I love James Bond. I am pretty much the designated Bond Corespondent. I’ll be in charge of writing up the article after the livestream, as well, even though I’m in a doctor’s appointment to find out if I’m diabetic at the time.

The nurse will be telling me potentially permenantly lifechanging information about my health and I’ll just be like, “Hold up. Daniel is speaking”.


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